●  Super Customer Relations Manager  ●
     Manages Lead Conversions and Sales

●  Social Media Marketing Systems  ●
     Attracts Customers to Your Business

●  Super Marketing Cloud  ●
     Turn Consumer Confidence into Leads


Super Marketing Clouds are Promoting:

Graduate from Toy Websites to Real Fortune 500 Level Marketing, Using the Most Complete Set of Website Design and Promotion Tools ever Assembled into One Integrated Internet Marketing Solution.

Super Marketing for Businesses More Info

WOW Website gets Top Rankings on Google, Bing, etc.

Auto-Post Your Products to Over 100 Shopping Sites

Automate Mobile-Texting, Email & Direct Mail Marketing

Super Side Business for People More Info

Make Money from Amazon, Google, and Ebay Ads

Attract Thousands of Followers on Facebook, Twiter, etc.

Super Support Services More Info

Do Most Things Yourself and Hire-Out Complex Tasks


Have Our Experts Manage Your Entire Campaign

Fortune 500 Level Marketing

The Super Marketing Cloud allows small and mid-sized businesses to effectively compete with the vast marketing budgets and technical capabilities of their multi-national competitors, by making the same features and systems both easy to apply and affordable to maintain, thus leveling the playing field so all businesses of any size can have an equal opportunity to attract new customers.

Amazing Promotional Performance

This amazing system allows non-technical users to meet every requirement for top rankings on major Search Websites like Google and Bing, while simplifying and automating sophisticated marketing campaigns on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, and incorporating opt-in email marketing, internet advertising, e-commerce, and customer relations management.

How Super Marketing Works


Next-Generation website system with over 100 Do-It-Yourself design and marketing tools built-in

Social Media

Do-It-Yourself system for posting and responding to dozens of social media accounts with a single login

Customer Relations

Integrated CRM makes conversions from web-lead, to engaged prospect, to paying customer, simple and easy


If you don’t have the time to Do-It-Yourself, we can affordably assist you, or even manage your entire campaign

Venture Activist Kit:   $299.00

  + $19 per month for Core Cloud Hosting

12 Wealth Creation Systems Included

   Installation and custom configuration of the following systems:

Team Supercharger More Info

Maximizing Professional Performance

♦  Influence Behavior ♦  Boost Profits

  Career Booster Program
  Hiring Insight Reports
Over 50 Certification Courses

Super Marketing Cloud More Info

Mass Media Marketing Made Easy

♦  Attract New Clients ♦  Motivate Old Clients

WOW Website Platform
Social Media Marketing Manager
Super Customer Relations Manager

Super Manager Cloud More Info

Simplifying Business Administration

♦  Maximize Efficiency ♦  Cut Overhead

Privacy Protected Email
Private Social Networking
Cloud Management Tools

Super Startup Cloud More Info

Everything Needed to Be Your Own Boss

♦  Build a Better World ♦  Make Big Profits

“Learn As You Earn” Startup Method
4 “Start Today” Business Kits Available
Modify a Kit to Startup Any Business
12 Super Support Services Available

   A full range of IT Services that save you time and make you money:

Team Supercharger More Info

 —  Optional Support Services  — 

♦  Experienced Assistance ♦  Guaranteed R.O.I

Career Booster Program Management
Professional Performance Coaching
Start-Up Business Consulting

Super Marketing Cloud More Info

 —  Optional Support Services  — 

♦  Outsource The Hard Stuff ♦  Very Affordable

Expert Website Design
Internet Marketing Management
Super SEO Customization

Super Manager Cloud More Info

 —  Additional Management Systems  — 

*  Included in Cloud Platform Upgrades

Business Management Center  (optional upgrade)
  Collaboration Cloud Platform  (optional upgrade)
Business Intelligence Reporting  (optional upgrade)

Super Startup Cloud More Info

 —  Optional Support Services  — 

♦  Let Us Be Your Startup Consultant

Startup Training & Support
Startup Funding Consultation
Live Business Networking Events
Cloud Hosting Options
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We’ve got a dual-purpose company that provides landscaping for half the year and Christmas Decor during the other half, and that means running two alternating marketing campaigns for both. The Super Marketing Cloud has simplified this process by giving us the “do it yourself” capability to change the homepage twice a year, make updates whenever we want, and easily integrate the outside E-marketing professionals who manage our social media campaigns for us, and they love the system too! Definitely one of the best investments we’ve ever made.

Kim Poulin

Marketing Director, Picture Perfect Landscape

Our new website is complete and we love how it automatically reformats the content to fit on a desktop/laptop as well as a SmartPhone and Tablet. This new design does a wonderful job of combining our old web content into a minimal amount of very good looking web pages, so there’s more info on less pages (combining the exercise instructions into the photo gallery was an especially nice touch). The new e-commerce system is pretty slick too, and I’m excited about how this website can be expanded to include our future products. Love it!

Steve Hall

President, Solid Fitness LLC

We use the Super Marketing Cloud for all of our websites (including this one) and we strive to push it to its limits: big long web pages with huge photos and scroll effects, lots of interactive applications and social media integrations, and [ages still oad on a couple of seconds! The Social media tools are a godsend for simplifying our online marketing processes, and the Super CRM not only fulfills all of our sales management needs, we use it as our customer support system as well. All in all it has turned out to be everything we hope for, and more!

Kerry Power

Visionary In Chief, Venture Activism Ltd

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