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Welcome to The Economic Revolution!

A Twelve Step Program for Building a Better World
and Making Big Profits at the Same Time

The Venture Activist Network (or “The VAN” for short) is an association of conscientious citizens who are “Leading the Economic Revolution” to restore America’s famed standard of living and celebrated way of life.

Twelve Steps to Economic Success

Simply by applying The VAN’s “Twelve Step Program for Building a Better World and Making Big Profits at the Same Time” any concerned citizen can help to replace the old, corrupted, and broken economy of yesteryear, with a new, sustainable, free-market economy that enriches everyone involved.

Building a Better World

The VAN helps locally-owned Ventures to attract the support of community Activists, who direct consumers away from “Big-Box” retailers and chains, and toward the locally-owned businesses that carry  products Made-In-USA, and employ sustainable business practices.

Making Big Profits

These “Venture Activists” are rewarded for their efforts with an innovative profit sharing program, which facilitates a very lucrative partnership between them and all of the participating businesses in their community, and product manufacturers throughout the USA.

Having a Good Time

Venture Activists organize their efforts with next-generation social networking technology, and get together in live networking parties and community meetings, to cultivate the best ideas from all viewpoints, and promote positive changes in their communities.

The Economic Revolution has begun. Welcome!


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